01 August, 2009

Cheap family excursion

Yesterday the local Brisbane newspaper had an article about families not being able to go on an outing under $100. Nonsense, of course. We went on an almost free outing this morning - to the local library (again) and nearby playground. You'll be pleased to know I let myself drool and get out two novels, two cookbooks, two magazines and a software program I've been itching to try out. I'm going to enjoy trying out some new recipes and using the slow cooker that we've been given (or lent - not sure which). I was able to find some books on Australian basketball (not possible at CAJ - all American basketball) for our basketball-mad 10 y.o. We've also managed to find a club where he could possibly train and play. He and his dad are going to check it out on Monday. As I type, my four guys (big and little) are catching up on some culture. They're watching a DVD we found at the library - TMNT. The big guy is marvelling at how much better it looks than when he was a kid. After lunch we all read books (to varying degrees - four y.o. listened to an audio book for a while and six y.o. enjoyed some maze books). All from the library. We've managed to gain more than one day's enjoyment from a free (not including petrol costs) excursion to the library.

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Tim and Susan said...

We are taking full advantage of our our US library. Yea.