16 August, 2009


This has been a pleasantly social weekend. We had lunch with friends yesterday and today. And not just lunch, but Aussie BBQs! Yay! Sat around and chatted for hours. We could hardly believe the time had gone so fast. Additionally we are blessed with many friends who have a loose hold on things. A spin off of that attitude is that they are generous. Here is a list of things that we've received just in the last two days.
  • Two adults bikes on lend for a year.
  • A single coffee plunger (for me, the only coffee drinker in the house)
  • A packet of ground coffee
  • Several bags of hand-me-down clothes for the boys.
  • A pair of old, but comfy jeans for me.
  • A pair of new black leather ankle boots for me (I needed to replace mine in the next 18 months).
  • The promise of one or more desk top computers for the boys.
  • A taped video on a topic important to us.
  • Half a dozen second hand books for our eldest to read.
  • Strap on roller skates for our youngest.
  • A dinky magnet thingy to stop me losing my cross-stitch needle.
Amazing, hey! God's blessings are many. Not all are as easy to count as the above. But we continue to be loved by our friends and praise God for their generosity.


Anonymous said...

How does the dinky magnet thing work?

(Part of the reason I gave up cross-stitch was because I kept losing the needle...)

Anonymous said...

That was Anika Q. :)

Wendy said...

It is simply two magnets (one with a nice pansy pattern) that you put either side of the fabric in an unobtrusive spot. Then when you want to put your needle down, you put it in that spot! Make sense? I haven't stitched since I was given it yesterday, but it just might solve that problem.