12 August, 2009

Work - yes, I'm doing it.

I worked today! Yes, got up in front of people and did the speaking bit missionaries are famous for during their home assignments. I don't think I did a spectacular job, but we did communicate and people prayed. Actually it was a great blessing to be at our mission's Ekka Prayer Day (Ekka is Brisbane's annual show and today is the public holiday associated with it). We were almost the youngest ones there and many were twice our age. But can they pray? AND, despite their age they often can remember amazing details from long ago prayer letters. They read them every month and pray over them in detail. I love to spend time with these dear folk. I felt very loved and like I was truly home. A tiny taste of heaven, for sure. We have a lot more speaking to do in the coming months. Inbetween times we're preparing and doing the administration necessary to ensure that other speaking opportunities are properly organised. The hidden work of a public speaker. What other work have I been doing?
  • Writing an article for our denomination's magazine (deadline Saturday).
  • Critiquing devotions for my internet writing group partners.
  • I did some volunteer OT-type work yesterday for a home schooling friend with children who have learning difficulties.
  • Ironing! Yes, more of my clothes have finally arrived from Japan (we posted stuff we couldn't fit into our 100kg-for-the-family limit). Now I have to iron it all again.
  • On Monday I made a little photo album as a farewell gift for our exchange student.
  • Finding photos to print out for our deputation display board.
  • Cooking for the family. Made mousse yesterday - no children liked it. Decided I'll never do it again. If they want to learn to like mousse as an adult, they can buy it themselves. I also made my first meal with the slow cooker. Semi-successful.
Which reminds me, it is time to heat up some left-overs for the hungry hoards tonight...


Hippomanic Jen said...

Sounds like lots of work is being done!

Tim and Susan said...

So glad you were blessed by those faithful prayer partners! What did you make in the slow cooker?

Wendy said...

Made Orange Chicken. It looked awful, but tasted okay, the sauce, that is. The chicken was delicious.

Mrs Q said...

"I worked today!" Do you mean that you never work on any other day?

Wendy said...

Yeah Mrs Q - just like church ministers only work on Sundays, you know!