04 August, 2009

Where did my time go?

To all who were concerned about us finding Mirin (cooking sake), we did. At Coles. Don't usually shop there, but in this case they have it over Woolies. I also found two other Japanese grocery stores, one at Taringa and the other at Indooroopilly. Both are 30 minutes from our place, so I haven't yet gone to check them out. I need to get down to writing an article for a magazine, but my time keeps getting eaten up. Today I had an optometrist's appointment. It took way longer than I expected, but I guess it wasn't too bad considering I haven't had my eyes tested for about five years. Now I'm getting new frames and new sunnies in a week or so. Looking forward to the new frames, they look good. The optometrist is in a large shopping centre. David came with me to do some odd jobs but also to have coffee with me. We've decided to have daytime 'dates' this year because neither of us have an 8-5 job and all the boys are at school much of the week. So after the optometrist, we had coffee. Or at least I did. David doesn't like coffee, but enjoyed his hot chocolate. As we gazed around the food court we observed how Asian the choices were: "Sumosalad", "Sushi Bento" and "Wok888". Once we'd finished that, lunchtime was almost upon us. We raced home and had a toasted sandwhich (oh, the joys of being in Australia). I quickly checked email and raced off over the hill to an open hour at our 4 y.0.'s kindy. Then collected all four boys from different places at the school and came home again. The day was gone. Afternoon tea, homework, dinner preparation, baths, bed time and now I'm blogging. All my good writing time has gone. Maybe tomorrow... By the way, our exchange student is fitting in well. He has been playing well with our boys. Plenty of giggling in the backyard this afternoon. Cars and action figures cut across cultural barriers very effectively for young boys. Right now my husband and 10 y.o. are talking with him. They are finding out a lot despite the language barrier. They are also sharing our Japanese photo album with him. Japan and Korea have more in common than Korea and Australia. We were always jealous of Korean missionaries in Japan - they learned Japanese much faster than Westerners. I still have ironing to do (while watching "Packed to the Rafters") and a shower. Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about my daily life, so I'd better go!

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-J said...

I've noticed that most of the Wendy's in my hometown and the next have been transformed into Asian restaurants. Interesting, huh?