14 August, 2009


Someone commented about our 'large' backyard in my previous blog entry. Actually that was our front yard, which was big enough to park bikes in, plant flowers and require weeding and grass cutting (by hand); but not much else! Our backyard was much smaller, just a strip of dirt, really. Here are a couple of pictures. There is not much more to see that what you can see in the first picture. The wooden slatted things were for privacy. Just to the right of the photo was our dining/kitchen and lounge floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors. Just to the left of the picture was the front door of one of our neighbours. The second photo was taken from our tiny balcony on the second floor, looking straight down. Can you see the fence dividing the neat gravel from the dirt? That was our back fence. At the bottom of the photo is our house. We are LOVING our new backyard. I'll post some photos soon. Big enough to play a bit of cricket and to run around. Someone gave us a small swing set and someone else found a free small trampoline by the roadside and gave it to us. Amazing!!! Not to mention privacy. NO ONE can see us eating or even playing in the backyard. No one can see my washing hanging on the line. Oh, yes, I have a Hill Hoist-type line! Amazing!!! Praise God for Australia and wonderful blessings!


-J said...

Thanking God with you for this gift of REST (rest from no privacy, rest from little space, etc.)!

Wendy said...

Ain't that the truth!