21 August, 2009

Packing again...ugh

We've been unpacked for approximately seven weeks. Now we're going away for the weekend, as I wrote yesterday. All those awful bags are coming out again. Toiletry bags I'd hidden away. Suitcases I'd conveniently forgotten we owned. Plastic bags with little travel conveniences, like little shampoo bottles and spray bottles. I'm dragging medicines out of their spots and putting them into bags. Yuck! I don't think I've recovered from our big move yet. The difficulty is that we have to do this four more times in the next five weeks. Once I'm into the groove it won't matter so much, but just now it is awful. AND procrastination is not helping me, so I'd better go back. Writing about its awfulness is soothing to the soul only to a point. Then it becomes unhelpful and stress-producing, because I'll run out of time to do it all.

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Janet said...

Not wanting to stress you out or antyhing!!! But what should I pack for the editor's conference???!!! LOL. I hear it will be approx 30 degrees and muggy in Manila, though our hotel will be air conditioned. Do you think it will be casual or would it be more business like??? Help!!!