17 August, 2009


Our car has hardly been in the garage today. Between my husband and I we've been out most of the day doing various errands. First errand I did my weekly grocery shop and work out at the gym. I'm getting faster at Woolies! Even had a pleasant conversation with the Kiwi on the cash register and the Vietnamese lady at the Grocers. Raced home and had an early lunch before embarking on the Second errand Drove 20 minutes to a shopping centre to pick up my new glasses and sun glasses. Almost the first time I've been at a shopping centre on my own. I got to shop - that is, browse and consider purchases other than necessities. I found a Father's Day present and a present for my sister's birthday, which falls on the same day this year. We're going up to Toowoomba on the weekend and will have an early celebration with them, due to not being able to on the designated day. I also got a chance to buy my Christmas present (2008)! My mother-in-law sent me a gift voucher, knowing that we'd be home in time. Another challenge of living away from family is gift giving (and receiving). Postage often doubles the cost. So you're left with several choices, buy a cheap present, buy something over the internet and get it sent to them, send money or just forget about it. Anyway, I bought myself something I probably wouldn't otherwise - a coffee grinder! Now I probably qualify as a learner coffee snob! Third errand Wasn't mine. But effects me. My husband drove a fair way to get another key for our car. It came with only one and is one of those specially programmed ones that doesn't just work if you get it duplicated. It is the second time he's driven out to Toyota. Turns out it is an unusual (even for them) key that they had to order in! He got back just in time for the Fourth (and last) errand Taking our eldest to Basketball. He is basketball crazy and was upset that basketball is not something he can do at his current school (not even during lunch). So, we joined him up with the Western Magic under 12 team and he's loving it, as well as getting good coaching. Hubbie took his Masters reading to do while he waited. While the Third Errand was happening, I went and got the boys from school, provided afternoon tea and supervised homework. Not an easy task. Everyone was headed in their own direction, with their own "must say" conversations. Then our eldest accidently knocked a ceramic jar off the bench. He couldn't see my perspective and complained bitterly about tidying up the mess. At the same time I was supposed to be listening to our 6 y.o. reading his school reader! And our 4 y.o. started cutting up the packaging of my new grinder (packaging is very important to keep if when you live a transitory life like ours). To add to my mental stress, I found out this afternoon that our 4 y.o.'s kindy class is doing "Japan" this week. I'd been planning to offer to do a "Japan" morning in fourth term, but as they're doing it now, spontaneously offered my "expertise" for tomorrow morning. Now I have to figure out what I will take and do...simple origami? And remember how to put on my summer kimono (yukata). Relaxing evening - no chance. It has been an enjoyable day, though.

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Tim and Susan said...

As the boys are getting older and involved in more activities, sports, etc. we find our HAs busier...especially running everyone around in the car. Kind of crazy. Hang in there.

I love the fact that our little backyard here in the US is private too. SOOOO nice after being in the public eye as soon as you step outside in Japan...