20 August, 2009

Bits and pieces of daily life

Some Telstra (phone company) guys spent a couple of hours going to and away from my house this morning. Result - finally, after seven weeks - we have a home phone! Very happy! We're so used to mobiles (cell phones) that when it rang this afternoon, my husband picked it up and hit the most likely button, and promptly hung up on someone. I hope it was a salesman. After several hours fiddling yesterday and today I've printed a first draft of our prayer/newsletter. The new software is slowly getting easier to use, yay! This morning I helped my 4 y.o. make his Book Week costume. Mr Strong. An inspirational choice last night. Looks pretty good too. We used material we had at home - cardboard, red and green paper, flour and water glue, string and tape (though the string needs better attachment). Now for the other two... Tomorrow afternoon we are headed to Toowoomba (1-1.5hrs from here). It is a multi-functional visit. We will:
  • celebrate Father's Day
  • celebrate my sister's birthday
  • go to Sizzler (my favourite restaurant) and do the above
  • attend a wedding of a long-time friend
  • speak at my parent's church on Sunday
  • sleep at my parent's house for the first time in two years
  • have lunch with the missions committee from my parent's church
How's that for a relaxing weekend? Full of joy. You don't appreciate friends and family as much as you should, until you are apart from them.

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SandyJ said...

Hi Wendy, are you going to post some photos of the Book Week costumes?
We'd love to see them :-)