19 August, 2009

Behind the scenes work

Today my husband and I have been nutting out planning details for future meetings. The kind of work we do during this year at home is a lot like having your own business. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into it. So today we've
  • Planned what we'll say at the church we're going to on Sunday.
  • Created invitations to some small group meetings we're planning in our own home (not as easy as it sounds, particularly when we're talking about inviting people with various restrictions on their time like children, distance, can't come out at night etc).
  • Filled out Blue Card applications (for children's meetings and possibly an SU camp).
  • Selected and sent information and photos for a media presentation at a camp in September.
  • Contacted Medicare to sort out immunisation details (it's still a mess).
  • Written numerous other emails pertaining to various meetings, medical details for our mission, getting together with friends etc.
  • Wrapped presents for the weekend (wedding, birthday and Father's Day - don't panic, we're early).

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-J said...

It's good for me to read your list. I need inspiration!