24 August, 2009

The joy of coming "home"

We're back home again! It is so nice to say that. All the moving we did in June and July had no return points. We never said, "We're home again" except when we moved into our new house, but it was a new home, not a return home. It was great pulling all that stuff out of suitcases and putting them away again. For 12 days, anyway, then we're off to Sydney. The weekend was packed, as anticipated, but an extrovert's dream. Lots of people to talk to. Catching up with family and friends who we haven't seen for two to four years is fun for people like me. The wedding was beautiful and emotional. My friendship with the bride goes back to growing up together in church. Our families knew each other. Many tears were shed during the day because both the bride's parents have died during the last decade. A bitter-sweet occasion. Lots of sweet, though. It was a long evening and at 10 we received a phone call from our 10 y.o. who was worried that we were too late!!! I reassured him, prayed with him and said, "See you tomorrow." Thankfully he was asleep when we got home 40 minutes later. We spoke at my parent's church yesterday. Apparently we still have some work to do on our visual presentations during our talks. The standards on these have gone up during the last decade. 10 years ago we were using overheads. Now a simple powerpoint accompanying a talk is not too enough, videos and lots of movement (not one photo, but many) is required. More work! I did sell some books, however. A tiny book review at the end of our talk sold us out of that particular book. We have a couple of mission conferences coming up in September. Preparation is going to be a big part of our next four weeks. We have to run or be a part of three different 45 min to hour long presentations. Lotsa joy. If you live in SEQ (sout east Queensland) you should come and join us at Brookfield on the 18th-20th of September. It'll be fun! Let me know if you're interested.

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