27 August, 2009

Finding a doctor

I went back to my search for a doctor today. Actually I went back to the doctor we saw last time we lived in Brisbane. She is a 20 min drive away on the Ipswich Motorway and costs $15 more, but it was definitely worth it. A doctor who is willing to sit down and sort through the immunisation of kids who've lived in two different countries and whose immunisation records are in both Japanese and English. Who then sits back and says, "So how are you all?" and "How's the boys Japanese?" and is happy to be interrupted by a chatterbox 4 y.o. who is constantly talking about the toys in her special box and asking questions about strange shelves which pop out of examination beds. This is someone worth driving to see! My search is over...now I just have to get my nearly 7 y.o. to have his 4 y.o. injections! We might need to get the heavies in.

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