21 August, 2009

Mr Strong

Here are photos of two Book Week costumes. Actually Mr Strong looks even better now that I've put a thick black border around the red rectangle. You'll have to excuse my sons' lack of faces. I decided when I started this blog to leave it public so that more people can read it easily, but not include photos of my kids for their own security. So, there you go. If you want a face-full version, you'd better become my friend on Facebook! Our second son has decided on Steve Irwin - using his khaki shorts and khaki t-shirt with a crocodile on the front. The theme of the week is "Book safari", hence it kind-of fits. Our 10 y.o. hasn't decided and my inkling is that he probably won't. He's at a new school, a little bit shy and not really fitting in yet. The last thing he's inclined to do is chose something that might make him stick out or the butt of someone's joke.

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