18 July, 2009

Drooling at the library

I love libraries. Unreservedly, unashamedly love English libraries. We visited our local library here for the first time today. Had to restrain myself, however, from gushing all over the librarian when we arrived, maybe I drooled, I'm not sure. As we signed up for our new library cards, we could also hear sounds of general approval coming from the kids section, "Oh cool", "Mum, look at this" etc. Pity I already have a lot of book to read for work. Work being deputation. Yes, our job now we're back in town is to go to various groups and tell them about Japan and our own stories from the last year, but also to thank many for praying and giving. Usually we take some Japanese 'stuff' for general interest and our mission asks us to promote (and hopefully sometimes sell) books on mission. But, how can I promote or sell a book I haven't read? So, got to get down to one of my favourite genre - mission bios plus other mission related books. A bit of a pity, because the library today had a lot of potential, but I just couldn't justify getting books out that I shouldn't spend time reading yet. I did get lots of picture books for the younger boys and long book for our reading-addicted 10 y.o. I also spied in their catalogue a number of movies that I've read about, but never had the chance to see. Plus there were so many Australian books, can you belive? Oops, better stop before I drool on the keyboard.


Anonymous said...

I've just come back from the library with a new cart-load of books to add to my growing to-read pile. My problem is that I have a lot of non-fiction that I should read...and when there is un-read fiction in the house, it's difficult to be motivated.

Not that I don't like or appreciate non-fiction, it's just it doesn't quite have the 'page-turning' quailty of fiction. ("Oh my! I can't possibly put this book down until I read about the author's analysis of the second pillar of Islam!" - I don't think.)

I don't think the magic of libraries will ever end.

Barbara said...

I love libraries - especially the ones at universities, because they are so huge, endless rows of shelves full of books! But sad that there is never enough time to read all of them. I hope you will find time soon!

Actually, I imagine Heaven as a huge library and plenty of time to read - and of course we know all languages so that we can read all books which have never been translated :)