08 July, 2009

The end of the journey

The end of the journey is in sight! Tomorrow we hit the road for Brisbane (only 600km this time). Hopefully we'll have a nicer journey than we had this morning. We drove a mere 35 km this morning to visit some caves. That trip was way worse than the 900 km journey we made last Thursday! Merely because of fighting, teasing and disobedient boys. Amazing! We're still quite tired. Pray for safe driving and nice boys. We're really looking forward to putting down our roots again and especially getting the boys into a better routine. They are tired too and Jamie particularly is easily upset. This weekend we get to open boxes and decide where to put stuff. Like Christmas! Next Monday and Tuesday we have school interviews and then buying uniforms, lunch boxes etc for school and hopefully the boys can start on Thursday with everyone else. My husband spent a couple of hours on his mother's phone this afternoon, organising telecommunications to be connected to our place in Brisbane. Crazy! The choices have exploded since we were here four years ago. Unfortunately, only getting to it today means we will have no phone or internet for several days, it seems. You'll have to wait awhile for another blog update. Today I had another 'cultural' experience. Self-check-out at Woolies. Lots of fun! Oh, yes, and we had a phone call from the Bank (via my Dad) saying there'd been some unusual activity on our credit card and they'd shut it down. Turns out it was us. We didn't realise we should let the bank know we're back in the country and using our credit card! Changing countries is challenging in more ways than one.


Mrs Q said...

Oh dear (about the credit card) - sometimes the bank can be helpful though. Hubby had a call early this year to say they'd picked up some online gambling with his card and didn't think it would be him and asked if he wanted it shut down. He did want it cancelled but at least they asked first. Not good to shut it down then ask and leave you in the lurch! I'm still getting my head around the self-serve. I came across one in a Big W on Tuesday so they are probably coming everywhere. Hope to see you soon (with bike)once we are all well again and you are settled.

Hippomanic Jen said...

We don't have self-serve here yet. That would freak me out.

Glad to know the end is in sight. Hope settling into your home goes well.

Catherine said...

We'll be looking forward to hearing how you settle in!

Jyojia said...

Sooooo glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! (We're pretty sure it's not an oncoming train!?!) School uniforms, what fun. At least there won't be arguments about what to wear.

Missing you in Japan,

Tim and Susan said...

Remember it takes lots of time and energy to just settle back at "home", so give yourself lots of grace your doing great!!