01 March, 2012

It's a Birthday Party and you're invited

Today is the third birthday of this blog. I've been pondering how you have a birthday party for a blog. But to have a party, you need people, right? So, how about you join in the party with some comments today?

I'd love to know these things:

1. When you first started reading this blog.
2. A memorable post.
3. Why do you keep coming back?
4. One new thing you've learned by hanging out here.
5. Has it changed your image of what the life of a missionary is like? How?

But if you don't feel like answering any of those, just drop by and say hi!


Karen said...

Hey cool, a party! Have (almost, but not quite...) finished my must do list for the day so I'll join in...

1. Can't remember actually. I read at least all of last year and maybe some of the year before too?
2. I know it's only recent history, but that one you put up yesterday was memorable. So sad to think of all those little babies...
3. It's interesting. And you've got great ideas on dealing with lots of boys.
4. What all those unusual things we don't have in Australia are!
5. Yes. What I've loved about hearing yours (and other) missionary stories in the past couple of years is that it's about using the skills you have already and that you don't necessarily need years of theology training to do it.

Tim and Susan said...

Love, Susan

AlyceB said...
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AlyceB said...

1. Hmm, I first started reading several months ago now, can't remember when exactly!
2. I agree that the one about the babies was just so poignant. Like you said, it's a side of Japan foreigners don't usually see.
3. I keep coming back mainly out of selfish interests to read as much as I can about Aussies in Japan! :P
4. Life will be different when we move, but still good!
5. Even though I personally know several missionaries who are living overseas doing "normal jobs" and "just" being a light in their community, I still have that old-fashioned concept of missionaries who go and preach. But your blog is another reminder that this isn't so! Thank you.

Melissa said...

Hi Wendy,
1. I think I have been reading from the start.
2. The posts just after the earthquake come to mind.
3. I just like to know how you are going and what you are doing. We miss you guys.
4. I can't think of one thing but I feel like have more of an idea of your life in Japan.
5. Not really but it has filled in a lot of the gaps.

Miss you, Melissa

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Wendy's blog,
Happy Birthday to you!

It's not a birthday party without that!

Meredith said...

Happy birthday. Congratulations on your three years of blogging - and so consistently!

1. I actually can't remember when I started reading your blog or how I happened to bump into it. You might be able to tell me, though, because at the time you were in middle of a longish period back in Australia, a whole year I think, and preparing to return to Japan.

2. The posts around the time of the earthquake and more so, the updates during the year. It has been helpful to read the updates because it doesn't get much air time here these days but the need to pray is still real.

And I like seeing the tours around your house and neighbourhood, the shops and parks and so on. My perception of Japan is pretty stereotyped so it is interesting to see what fits that stereotype and what doesn't.

3. I keep coming back because I feel like I know you now, have been praying for you and like to keep up with your news!

4. As above...getting a real sense of what life in Japan is really like.

5. At one stage I was heading out to be a missionary myself but as God closed that door, instead I do a lot to be a homebase supporter. So I feel reasonably cued into the life of a missionary. But I do like to read how the daily life of a missionary unfolds.

Great blog. Thanking God for the energy He gives you to do this. Praying that many will pray for you and your family and for Japan as a result of your writing. And that readers everywhere will grow in their understanding of missions.
Happy birthday!

Wendy said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. It was a fun party! Next year we'll have to find a way to have food too!

Thanks for sticking with me and reading regularly, what would this be but a whole lot of hot air except that you come and read what I've posts. Wow!

SandyJ said...

Hi Wendy. I think I've been reading since just before you last came to Australia. Some of my kids read too, especially my oldest boy :-)

Caroline said...

Hi Wendy, sorry I'm late!

1. I started reading sometime in the first half of 2009, when you were preparing to come back to Australia.

2. I would agree that the post about the babies was memorable, but I also remember last year after the earthquake, reading your update and my then 13yo son reading over my shoulder and being very relieved that you were ok. So I guess by that time reading your blog had become something of a regular thing.

3. I think one of the things that drew me to your blog was your boys and your experience with them. We have four boys (now aged between 14 and 20), and I felt that in spite of the age difference, many of the things you write about I could identify with. And I learn so much about Japan and its needs, and I have tried to encourage my family to take an interest too.

4. I can't think of any particular thing either, but I'm sure there have been a number.

5. Well, I've considered missionaries to be fairly "normal" since I was a child, as my auntie was an overseas medical missionary and she was just my auntie (although she was involved in some fairly dramatic incidents), but I have found it really interesting to read your impressions of the reactions that you get from other people. I guess I had never really thought about it from your perspective. Also, I hope I've gained a much clearer insight into the particular issues for a missionary family as opposed to a single person.

Caroline said...

Oh, and after all that, I forgot to say Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!