07 March, 2012


Today I'm heading off on our annual ministry women's retreat. This time, we're going to a different location, in fact to a part of Japan I've never been to before. And guess what? I'm driving!

We live close to the arrow and our destination is
marked with an A. About a 3 hour drive.
On Saturday I realised that I'd better make a decision about how I was getting there (choices: trains including expensive shinkansen [bullet train]), or drive). I truly would rather go in a car to something like this, but only if I have travelling companions. Even with the tolls, it is cheaper to travel by car than by train if you're going as a group. And as no one was volunteering to drive me, I volunteered myself. I sent an email to a strategic person and magically within a couple of hours had a full car! Yay, that is after all, one reason that we bought the car (actually an 8 seater van) — so that we can serve others by taking them to events like this.

Two other reasons for travelling companions. Firstly I'm driving into unknown territory. I need a navigator! My husband has carefully checked the route, printed out instructions (using Google maps) etc. But I still cannot hold that much information in my head (including a number of Japanese characters). Second reason is that it makes the journey more fun. The retreat gets extended both ends by the fellowship you enjoy in the car. What a great way to start and finish a retreat!

So, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully we won't get lost. I do have GPS capability on my iPhone, and David's put our journey on the phone just in case: so it should be fine!

So now I face two days without: 

  • boys (and that implies conflict, homework, piano practise, cooking, micromanaging etc.) 
  • husband :-(
  • internet (yay!)
And two days with:
  • lots of fellowship
  • lots of English worship and conversation
  • time to myself
  • rest
Oh, I'm looking forward to it. I've left a post for you to enjoy tomorrow, but I'll see you when I get back on Friday.

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