23 March, 2012

"There's an Australia Bush"

Jamie Jo wrote a fun post recently about the kids of a missionary on furlough.

It reminds me of when we were on Home Assignment last and our 4 y.o. son was known as "the boy from Japan" in his class. We got some strange looks from parents who wondered what "boy from Japan" has blue eyes and blond hair. After six months we finally ended up at a birthday party and had some revealing conversations with some parents. They'd thought their kids were "telling some big ones" and were embarrassed to ask the real truth. Once they understood that we'd been living in Japan but were truly Australians, they were much relieved and we had some laughs. Then we realised why people had seemed unfriendly, they just didn't know what to ask us!

I also remember when we were home for holidays five years ago and we announced that we were going to show the boys some "Australian bush". Our plan was to go out to a local national park and do a little bit of hiking. After that our middle son, who was about five at the time kept pointing out "bushes" saying: "There's an Australia bush."

There truly are some fun times with missionary kids and their perception of life!

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