27 March, 2012

Another missionary perk

Today we head off to our annual mission's conference. Kind-of like a church camp, except that it is compulsory and involves some meetings. I'm involved in playing the piano (a white grand!!!) for most of the sessions, not sure how that will go, as I don't have all the music yet . . . David is helping out with the teenagers during one afternoon. And of course we're on full-time duty during the free-time, which is not really free-time for parents of children. It is "not-free" time or the time when you have to come up with your own entertainment for the kids.

But really these conferences are another perk of the missionary life (in addition to our medicals that I mentioned yesterday). We get supported, loved, encouraged, re-fueled etc. through these times together. And it's something we wouldn't have it we weren't with a mission — it is not open for just anyone to come along to, like a mission's conference in Australia might be. Just OMF missionaries at this one.

Anyway, we'll be back on Friday. I haven't had time to schedule much while we're away, but who knows, they might have Wi-fi (I know there isn't even mobile access at the centre), and I might be able to blog from on-site! Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying someone else cooking, cleaning, washing up, and a Japanese hot spring to bathe in at nights. Just a bit of all right!


Hippomanic Jen said...

Enjoy that no cooking time.

The hot spring sounds nice, too.

Melissa said...

Sounds great. We haven't had a church camp to go on for a few years now - At home conferences instead.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Hoping that you have a really special time, especially getting time to do fun stuff as a family!

KarenKTeachCamb said...
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