05 March, 2012

Today's dental visit . . . and the rest of the week

Can I shhlurr here? If you read this on Saturday, you'll know I've been having a little of of bilingual dental trouble. 

Well, after the very temporary filling that the dentist put in on Saturday evening basically fell out that night, we decided that we needed to get a bit more proactive and get this dealt with before next Monday. So, I prayed, and prayed, and thought, and asked, and finally put Facebook to good use in looking for a boy-sitter for tonight. The plan was that my husband (who has somehow acquired the necessary dental Japanese) could come and be my knight in shining armour to translate while I had the necessary work done. One wonderful friend not only was available, but willing and able to do so. So, with some schedule jiggling, we somehow managed to wrangle an hour off in the midst of a weekday evening to go and deal with this quickly-becoming-hollow tooth.

Now I have another temporary filling, but hopefully it will be have enough strength to last a week until she puts the permanent filling in — rather than the few hours the previous one lasted! But she did some serious drilling tonight and now that the anaesthesia is wearing off and I can swallow properly again, my head is becoming woozy. Hopefully a night's sleep will fix that because I have a full week.

Wednesday morning is filled with my weekly editorial meeting, then a quick lunch and out to pick up six women and a baby to drive to our annual two-night ministry women's retreat (we get back on Friday afternoon). Here's a little bit more about it that I wrote last year.

Yes, that leaves tomorrow for getting all those other home/work things done that need to be done before the weekend. The list currently includes groceries, packing, gym, editing, and osteopath (I'll write about him another day), but is sure to grow as the day progresses.

I'm getting woozier. Better head to bed...night.

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