18 March, 2012

Day Two of Solo Parenting

Today marks day two of my husband's trip to Thailand with CAJ's seniors. You might remember this post in February where I admitted I really didn't like it when he went away. I got myself into such a tizz* that I was totally exhausted when he came home, even though he was only away for the weekend.

David, my wonderful husband.
I cannot afford to do that this time, he's away for nine days, so I'm trying to relax. It's been good so far. Yesterday was a potential mum-of-boys nightmare day. Cold and rainy Saturday, with husband gone! 

Not a great start, but thankfully I'd teamed up with a friend of three kids who's husband has been gone this last week. We'd already planned a movie afternoon with simple dinner following. It went swimmingly! The kids had fun, the mums relaxed and enjoyed each other's support and company. It did nearly all come undone at the end when my eldest couldn't find one of his pieces of clothing – his beanie (wool hat). Like a comfort blanket for an infant, he's grown quite attached to this small piece of clothing this winter. We returned home without it, but thankfully they found it and brought it to us (thankful they live close enough to do that).

Anyone else have trouble with getting night-time ablutions and bedtime done? I do. They move at a snail's pace and I find myself bouncing between three boys imploring them to move forward only to find when I get back to the one I've left, that he hasn't done a thing. I hate it! I hate putting them through showers too. They hate getting in, then they won't get out. And even when they do, they've not encountered any soap on the way through... Arrrgggghh.

Today the boys have been relatively cooperative. I substituted for my husband as the English Sunday School teacher today! 50% of the class consisted of my kids . . . so no childcare relief today. It's all mine! Thankfully the guys found some other people to talk to after Sunday School and we walked part of the way home with a young family that our boys adore (wonderful to watch them talk the ear off someone else).

Now we only have seven days left (five of which are school days, thankfully). By this time next week he should be home, and hopefully I won't be totally spent because two days later we have to go to our mission's annual conference! As the Japanese say: Ganbarimasu! (A really useful Japanese word that means to persevere, persist, keep at it, or to do one's best.)

*tizz: My computer has put a red line under that word, is it not a word? It is one my mum used a lot, meaning a "dither" or "stressed out". I just looked it up and Tizzy is a word, I guess she just abbreviated it.

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KarenKTeachCamb said...

Way to go Wendy! You can do it!