28 March, 2012

Reporting in from the field

A quarter of the amazing Maze. My 6 y.o. beat everyone, 
his brothers were close on his heels at completing the maze. 
Our eldest went in later to help rescue a couple of other 
missionaries and their kids who got lost!
A quick look in here. We're one day into our mission's conference. Enjoying some good fellowship, worship, and relaxation time. Yesterday afternoon we had a Japanese BBQ, which was a great time for mingling and getting to know people better, and then a campfire, but it did get pretty cold out there.

This afternoon was free-time, during which we decided to take our kids and a couple of other families with young children to a local maze. Unfortunately a shower blew in and we got a bit wet. One of the mums sat in the car with me (we're wimps) while everyone else braved the rain. But it didn't last long and the sun came out again.

I'm struggling with a cold. I had trouble getting going this morning, but I'm feeling a little better this afternoon. I hope it continues to improve, I hate colds.

Now I need to go and practise the white baby grand (my favourite instrument in the whole world to play) for tomorrow morning's worship session. No more time to lounge in front of a computer.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

The maze looks like lots of fun! Enjoy that baby grand! There's just something special about playing a real piano, and a grand/baby grand is even better! Hope you get better really quickly.

Hippomanic Jen said...

maze looks great. the piano sounds 'grand'. (couldn't help the pun)

Karen said...

Hope the piano playing went very well :) There is something a little bit special about a white piano...