29 February, 2012

Another snowy day

See the thick horizontal line of snow? That is a rope. Today's
snow was wet and sticky. Everyone's come home with wet
shoes, gloves, pants etc.
We woke up to snow this morning. Falling gently, but steadily. It is now 3pm and it has only just stopped! Pretty unusual weather for Tokyo. In fact it is the most snow we've ever seen in our brief 5 2/3 years in this city. However, unlike this day in January, school wasn't cancelled. That is mainly because it started late and staff and students were able to get to school without danger.

I even had to go out and shovel it earlier, that's something I've never done in Tokyo. I probably should go again now that it has stopped, but it is so cosy in here and my boots are still wet from my trip out at lunch time.

I'd planned to go to the gym today, but instead of pulling out my bike, I grabbed my umbrella and crunched my way there on foot. The Japanese word for how I felt is natsukashii. Meaning, somewhat nostaligic. Our first days in Japan were spent crunching through snow. In fact our first four years we spent crunching through snow for about five months every winter.

However, the nostalgia didn't last too long. By the time I got home my feet were wet (despite my snow boots). I wasn't cold, but the snow was turning to slush and it just wasn't so pretty anymore. Nor was it crunchy.

And now the boys are all coming home from school with wet clothes. Our 9 y.o. went to school in the snow with a only a hoodie and t-shirt, and sneakers. Unbelievable child. No scarf, gloves, no jacket. He is amazing or amazingly crazy.

So I'd better sign off and get to work on homework now.

And if anyone out there in blogdom can give me a hint on how to change the settings in Blogger to get rid of these ridiculous huge paragraph breaks, I'd love to hear from you!

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