23 February, 2012

Tiny Turtle, not so tiny any more a year later

Last February in my eldest son's hand.

This February, they've both grown, but Tiny has grown faster.
Yesterday was Tiny our turtle's adoption birthday. He's been with us a year. Check out my posts from last year: here and here. And this one, an update from May, three months after we bought him. 

We haven't weighed him recently, but he weighed only 10g when we bought him. He hasn't actually grown much in the last three or four months because of the cold. He hardly moves around at all and hasn't eaten at all. Not quite hibernation, but certainly a slowing down of metabolism. This is the turtle who was begging for food in the warmer months!

Turtles aren't really a huge amount of fun for playing with, but we do appreciate him having him (or her, we're not sure, but female pronouns aren't big around here) in our house. Of course he's more interesting when he's moving around and eating, but as the weather warms he'll be more lively and interesting to watch.

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