22 February, 2011

To turtle or not to turtle?

If you were reading this blog last year, you'll know that we had pets during our year in Australia. Our hermit crabs were cute and fun, but we had to leave them behind when we moved back to Japan.

We've been back here for nearly nine months now - hard to believe! But we haven't filled that small hole left by our three little hermies, though the boys bring it up every now and then. 

We have determined that the landlord doesn't want fur or feathers in our house, so once again we're looking for unusual pets. Then we had to search for a pet shop. They aren't all that common. And one that sells unusual pets is even more rare. However a friend has told us of one that could take us an hour or so to get to. It is in a largish shopping centre called "Joyful Honda". Strange name

So, seeing as we have a free day today we're going to go and check it out. We had thought that a little turtle might be manageable, but we'll see. As we've been unable to do any market research, we're not sure of the expenses.

Regardless, the boys have had an amusing time suggesting names for a turtle. We've had Tony, Toucan, Jo, Yertle and a few others I cannot remember. But when I suggested "Gertrude" they all looked at me with scorn.

So, watch this space to see what we come up with. And what he or she ends up being called!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Go the turtle (I have no idea how much maintenance they require though...)

More intrigued by the shopping centre called Joyful Honda actually. Very unusual.