23 February, 2011

We took the plunge

Meet our little turtle. The boys have been hovering around his aquarium ever since we brought Tiny Toucan (Tiny or TT for short) home yesterday afternoon. This morning he (or she - don't know sex yet) even was bold enough to stare out at me as I photographed him.

We've found out all sorts of things already. Like, to own a turtle in Queensland, you need to apply for a licence - which costs around $65 for 5 years. It is also illegal to own a turtle under 4 inches in the US. Ours is only 1-2 inches! So we are doing something right now is illegal in both the US and Australia. What fun :-)

For those of you interested in the name Joyful Honda, follow the links here and here. "Honda" is a relatively common name in Japan and it so happens that that is the name of the founder of the business.

I was pondering the name and why it sounds so strange. I think part of the reason is that in English-speaking countries companies don't use adjectives in their names. "Joyful" just sounds strange as a company name, let alone a Home Centre, DIY-type place.

Regardless of all that, it is a successful, large business. 14 centres of this dimension makes for a big organisation.

They have, not only a large pet-shop, but a large art-craft-hobby store. My husband found some very useful bits for the robotics competition that he has some of his students entering.

I can tell we'll be visiting Joyful Honda again. It isn't too far away - only 20km, but that took us about an hour to drive. But that is another post - the speed of driving in this large Metropolis.


Janet said...

Welcome TT!

Shirl said...

Goodness! He's so tiny!