05 February, 2011

The most popular piece of floor is now off-limits

I just don't believe it when I hear people say or read of households with young children that only have a couple of rules. Rules just seem to proliferate around here. Much as I'd like our children to easily understand what was necessary and what was unnecessary, it seems that they just don't and need a line drawn in the sand. At least my children do.

Take this last week, for example. Two new rules have been needed, for my sanity. 

The first is illustrated in the photo. Yes, that is our kerosene heater (or stove as some people call it). It is an essential part of our winter weaponry and at this time of year is used from early morning until we go to bed. There is a bizarre trend going, though. Somehow that little area surrounded faintly by pieces of tape on the floor has become the most popular piece of floor in the house. Resulting in occasional fights, but more frustrating for parents, resulting in boys who won't do anything else except stand in that one spot. So, the new rule is, "No loitering inside the dotted line." And it is being respected 99% of the time.

The second rule is also somewhat related to the cold. It is hard to get going in the morning. When it is less than 10 degrees in the bedrooms it is hard to get dressed. Especially for our 5 y.o. So I'm struggling to get him to school on time EVERY day. New rule - he "has to get dressed before breakfast." So far it is working fairly well, as long as I keep an eye on the time when he goes to sit in that little unmentionable room.

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Tim and Susan said...

That is the favorite place in our house too....the kids always bring their clothes and dress in front of the heater. It has helped to have a heated pad under the rug too, but it isn't very warm in the early morning.