19 February, 2011

Eclectic skills useful on the mission field

The Missionary label is a wide umbrella. My personality also seems to lend itself to a wide variety of interests and responsibilities. This week I've found my fingers in in many pies - editing, writing, desktop publishing, Occupational Therapy consultation, leading a prayer meeting and attending a diaspora meeting. 

Today I am teaching cross-stitching and card-making to some grade 5/6 girls.

CAJ has a department that supports families who are homeschooling (also a few small English-language schools). Through the year they run various events to support these families and students. Their biggest event is today - Arts and Skills day. A day when the students come to CAJ and have the opportunity to learn a skill they might not otherwise come in contact with. Including classes like woodwork, karate to friendship bracelet making and acting. My husband is taking a science class - especially using lab equipment that most homeschooling families wouldn't have access to. It is always a popular class (this is the fifth time he's done this).

I'm making this cute card with eight girls:

It really is quite simple. It took me under an hour to make. I have two hours to help them create it. Mind you it wasn't easy to come up with a beginners' craft with cross-stitch that will hopefully allow them a nice take-home project.

I'm a tiny bit nervous, but mostly excited. It is really special to be able to help out by using a hobby I mostly use for my own relaxation.


Karen said...

Hope it went well. It looks good!

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Sounds and looks like fun! Hope everyone concerned had fun, including the teacher, and the girls' results are just a beautiful as yours.

venzy said...

Can't remember if I ever shared - I used to be a keen cross-stitcher in school. Not a very masculine passtime I'll admit :)
A great idea.

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing, Venzy. Not very masculine maybe, but I've heard of wrestlers who love to crochet!