14 February, 2011

Aeroplane take-over

My house is being taken over by paper aeroplanes. 

On Thursday I innocently brought home a book about the subject from the school library. We already have one here, but it is only an origami one and in Japanese, and is hard even for me to read. That afternoon the fad began. I knew we probably had a cold, wet weekend coming up, so I wasn't too worried - except that they began a day early. Thursday afternoon we had trouble getting homework done.

The next afternoon my usually bookworm-but-ambivalent-about-libraries eldest son feverishly looked up paper aeroplanes in the library catalogue. He found one more and now it looks like the planes are having babies because almost anywhere I look in the house, there I find another plane.

It has lead to another rule. No throwing planes in the lounge room. If you check this post you'll see what these paper-covered sliding doors used to look like when we first moved in. Much of the small damage in this first photo happened on Thursday and Friday amidst a frenzy of paper plane attacks. 

The larger damage is the result of boys in general. Pretty normal damage, from what we see and hear. I've had one experienced mum offer to teach me how to repaper these doors called shoji (there is a glass door on the outside, if you're wondering). I'll have to take her up on that, but not yet. We'll wait till it gets a bit worse first. In the meantime, there is no paper aeroplane or ball throwing allowed in this room!

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Cath said...

Wow - maybe only in Japan (where there are paper covered sliding doors) would paper planes do such damage! It does look like fun, though :)