30 July, 2010

A few house photos

I've added a few down-stairs house photos for you here. I'll put up some more on another day and probably a rough house plan too, once we get our scanner up and running.

Taken from the kitchen sink looking back through the kitchen to the dining room (which also houses our electric piano and my desk and computer).
Dining room, complete with electric piano and computer (my work station).
Closer view of the lounge room. This is a typical Japanese-style room. Under the carpet is tatami - thick rice straw floor covering. The white over the windows is paper covered sliding wooden screens. They are the only privacy afforded. There is nowhere to hang curtains. Unfortunately rowdy boys frequently put holes in the paper!
Looking from the dining room into the kitchen. We're also filing in the kitchen these days!
From the dining room into the lounge room.


Anonymous said...

Looks really nice, Wendy. Good luck with the shoji. I taught our son how to replace the paper--was the best teaching I ever did.

Martie Tarter

Wendy said...

Oh Martie. Do you think you could teach us too? No one ever has.