19 July, 2010

Sick and vulnerable

I'm sick and feeling vulnerable. I think it is one the things I dislike most about being overseas - being unwell, feeling that lack of control that comes with being reliant on a system you don't really understand and being unable to communicate as clearly as you would like.

It's a public holiday today, so I can't even really get to a doctor. We don't have our health insurance cards yet either. I have some drugs from the dr I visited yesterday, but she really didn't give me confidence in her diagnosis (I appear and to have an infection in my ear canal -it is swollen). She wanted me to go to a specialist on Tue. So I wait and hope the antibiotics are the right thing to be taking.

It is all just bad timing really. Transition between countries is a vulnerable time. Please pray this will be resolved quickly!

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Simone R. said...

sorry to hear this. praying..