02 July, 2010

Two vastly different tasks

Yesterday and today have centred around two main tasks.

The first being tidying up our belongings:
  • sorting out the boxes to be stored here at my parent's house and putting them up in the ceiling or in cupboards
  • sorting out how much excess baggage we've got and getting that into boxes for posting
  • doing a trial pack to check weight
The second is less easy to be objective about. Spending time with my family. My two sisters and their children have been around. A family meal last night with mum and dad. All dancing around the reality that for the next two to four years our Christmases, birthdays, mother's and father's days etc. will be celebrated in different countries instead of together. After spending eight of the last ten years away we now know that there is no way to make up for lost time. No way that the time away can ever be redeemed. At times like these it is only a firm sense of "this is what God wants us to do" that keeps us firm in our resolve to go ahead. It is easy to get wobbly.

Perhaps the weather has gone out in sympathy - dreary clouds that occasionally dribble along with considerable chill.

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Footprints Australia said...

Sad days ... I also am beginning to wonder what the sun looks like!