11 July, 2010

What have you enjoyed most about your year in Australia?

For my last post on Australian soil this time around I want to reflect on this thoughtful question I've been asked a couple of times recently:
 What have you enjoyed most about your year in Australia?

There are many things enjoyable about being in the country I grew up in. Here's a just few!
  • Reconnecting with friends and family who've known me longer than ten years has to be one of the biggies. 
  • Relaxing in a country where I both speak the language and understand a lot of the whys behind what goes on.
  • Regaining confidence in my ability to do simple things like deal with bureaucracy, banks, fill the car etc. (mostly related to language ability)
  • Working in partnership with my husband and having him home a lot of the time.
  • With all the boys at school for the first time and David and I both working from home, we've enjoyed a lot more couple time than we have had for eleven years.
  • Shopping has been fun.
  • Medical stuff - actually having appointments, understanding the system, having a fantastic GP
  • Aussie food
  • Libraries and bookstores
  • Cricket and various other TV
  • Wide open spaces (my husband calls this "space therapy")
  • More privacy (no one can see my washing)
  • More anonymity (I don't stick out)
  • Church in English
I'm sad to say goodbye to most of this. Others I'm just used to being without and can get by. I keep reminding myself that I've survived without it all for eight years already and it'll be fine.

We fly at 8.45 Monday morning (tomorrow). Leaving at something like 6am. See you later Australia. We'll be back in 2-4 years. Of course I'll be back blogging from Tokyo, probably on Tuesday.


Simone R. said...

fly safely. prayers.

-J said...

You have articulated these common benefits very well. Praying the Lord keeps you these next 2-4 years as you navigate life without the items on this list. I find it interesting that 13-14 months ago, our blogs were following the same course (packing, looking forward to HA, saying goodbyes, etc.), and during the start of HA and the traveling, they were also similar. Now that I'm not returning, and my blog posts are taking a different direction from yours, there's a sense of loss, which is good for me to acknowledge. I'll *eagerly* be following your return. :)

Footprints Australia said...

Looking forward to keeping up with your further adventures in the land of the cherry blossom :-)

Wendy said...

Thanks all!
J - it is interesting the various directions life takes us. We've just heard of an OMFer who's been held back in the US for medical reasons and during the extra time she's spent at home she's found a man! Glad that you are not cutting yourself off from Japan and others' experiences - I think some do that to minimise the loss.