15 July, 2010

Today we Move In

Hang on, I'm getting the impression people think we are settled. We are not. We are comfortable with Japan, but we are still living out of suitcases. Today we move into our accommodation for the coming X number of years. The furniture is approximately where it should be and the boxes are all in approximately the right rooms. The fridge is in place (Yay!) and the washing machine and dryer are too.

But the boxes are still sealed. The fridge and pantry are totally empty. The sheets and pillows are somewhere too. I've even got a vacuum cleaner in a box that will need to be found quickly as the house is pretty dusty (previous residents moved out a month ago). Plus a myriad of other jobs. So today will be a busy day and the days following too.

I'm really glad that we got a rest last week between houses, otherwise I'd be much more exhausted than I already am (struggling with headaches particularly).

Very soon we will pile into our borrowed van and drive more than an hour on express-ways across town, stopping to buy a mattress for our eldest. Then the fun begins!

Our phone and internet will not be connected until next Wednesday. If you're lucky I might get access a couple of times in the meantime, but otherwise you'll have to wait a week for further instalments on our move back to Japan.

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