21 July, 2010

First instalment of 'settling into our house in Tokyo' stories.

It is now Wednesday, nearly a week since I first set foot in our new house. I'm tired and it is bed time. It has been an extremely busy week, complicated by me having an external ear canal infection as I wrote about here. That is gradually clearing up now. I didn't include some history in that post. One of the reasons I was so upset by it, is that a couple of years ago in Japan I had an ear infection that took three doctors, innumerable multiple-per-week visits and about four months to clear up. Thankfully it looks like this time will not be as bad as that.

I could write you pages and pages about the last week, but here is something I scratched out last Saturday, which will give you an idea of what a running start we had:

There's stuff happening. No wonder I'm tired!
We arrived at our new house at 1pm on Thursday. Now it is 5pm on Saturday. That's only just over 48 hours. In that time we've
    •    unpacked unnumerable boxes with many more to go
    •    got a new mobile (cell phone) - which happens to be an iPhone!! (surprised us)
    •    spent more than two hours filling out forms to register as "aliens" and for national health insurance (compulsory)
    •    got our house to a point of being liveable - that means, sheets and pillows, some food in the fridge and pantry, a kettle, hygiene maintenance possible (we have soap, towels, shampoo, toothbrushes, toilet paper etc.), table and chairs, and bedrooms have curtains for blacking out early summer sun
    •    4 bikes are serviceable (the boys have just taken them for a test drive). One more adult bike required for family mobility
    •    embarrassed myself at the grocery store and with my neighbour (story to come)
    •    grocery shopping has totally more than 25 000 yen so far ($AU 300) in 48 hours
    •    been to the school library and got out more than 75 books (it isn't open now until school starts in late August)
    •    discovered that garbage disposal systems are not all the same in Tokyo (more later)
    •    sweated a lot - it is definitely humid here!
    •    enjoyed our new fridge and washing machine. our 7kg washing machine is just so understated, yet has massive possiblities. Also our new fridge is 500l. It feels like it towers over me (I can only just reach the top shelf) - but it is fantastic!!

Stay tuned for further stories of our settling in!


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Wow, you've acheived a lot in just 7 days. Glad you are feeling better, and hope the rest of the healing process is very rapid. Congratulations and try to enjoy the rest of your transition time (especially those 75+ books).

Footprints Australia said...

How on earth did you carry 75 books home from the library??! I hope you had a trolley!

Wendy said...

Karen, that was only the first 2 days, you wait to hear about the rest :0
Janet, we live VERY close to the school. As it happens we had our car and were headed home, so that was easy, but between the five of us we would have managed just fine.