04 July, 2010

Shocking Sunday

I am almost too tired to write. To be honest, if I didn't have children who needed me to sit up and force them into sleep, I'd be showering and headed for bed myself! Nevertheless, since I'm awake and doing practically nothing, so I might as well write a short note about our rather shocking Sunday.

It was a day along the lines of those stressful things I spoke about in this post about fridges. An unexpected event that occurs in the midst of transition tends to be almost too much.

Starting in Toowoomba, we ate early and left while the ground was still white with frost (unlike the photo). Just as we exited the town down the range (Great Dividing Range) we began to hear suspicious noises from the engine. These didn't go away, but rather gradually increased, especially when we accelerated or drove up hills. Because we were on a time schedule (getting to our farewell service at a church in Brisbane) we powered on, but feeling less and less happy about the car.

The service was enjoyable and it is always special to be called out the front and prayed for. Meaningfully, there was a de ja vu  moment when the congregation sang the same song that was sung as a solo at our first "going out" service by the same pianist: "The Potter's Hand". Here is the chorus:
Take me, Mould me
Use me, Fill me
I give my life to the Potter's hands
Hold me, Guide me
Lead me, Walk beside me
I give my life to the Potter's hand
 That was the (only) point I needed a tissue.

Afterwards we were invited to a friend's house for lunch and our car limped its way there - barely making its way up the hills. We called road-side assistance who said, "Best to get it towed to a mechanic tomorrow morning to check it out."

Amazingly this happened on the very day that we were able to pick up prior-offered car to use till the van is (hopefully) fixed.

After lunch we shifted our shrinking load of belongings into the place we're house-sitting for the week. Sat down for 20 minutes, then made beds and headed back for 5pm worship at the same church. Another farewell meeting, similar to the morning. More talking, more food. I don't feel under-fed, but I do feel over stimulated.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be less eventful. Tomorrow we've nothing planned, except David has to go with the car to the mechanic. The people we are house-sitting for are leaving very early on a camping trip, so after breakfast I guess we make ourselves at home and catch up on washing and sanity.


Cat said...

I actually started crying too this morning as we were praying for you. Then the passage was read from Nehemiah, "Do not mourn or weep" and I pulled myself together again. :)
It must be emotionally draining having to say so many farwells and yet be excited about finally going. I'll be praying for your odd week ahead.

Shirl said...

Keep strong my friend. Nearly over. When do you actually fly out? I know I'm sounding like a cracked record (cliche, I know, but a cracked CD doesn't work at all!) but please please tell me when . . .
Did you see the Spence brothers? Was Rory one of them?
Blessings and prayers from S.Africa.

Wendy said...

Shirl, we leave a week today (actually 6 days, 23 hrs and 42 mins to be precise - cool computer count-down thingy told me so).
Yes, Rory (and Allan) were there. They both preached one at each of our farewell (?commissioning) services. Rory and his wife were surprised when I told them I knew they knew you! No hugs though, felt too odd for someone I'd only just met. Rory actually preached on a very special passage for me the beginning of Heb 12, was great encouragement.

jeff_follett said...

I was quite pleased that the song choices (which I made last Tuesday) fitted quite well with you guys and Alan's sermon....but I didn't know about the commissioning part until Saturday night! And not really knowing the approach Alan might take, I just chose some songs I liked and thought would be good to sing....obviously I had my plan, and God had his! :) (without drawing too long a bow).

PS. Uta enjoyed the miso soup with a Japanese friend today at our house.

Wendy said...

That's amazing Jeff. Our God is awesome! That you and Dave chose the same song 10 years apart!
BTW we bought that Japanese food at the Korean store near Indooroopilly station - did you know they sell Jp food? I'm glad she can enjoy our Japanese "left overs". Not many Aussies would!