16 July, 2010

24 hours in

We're 24 hours into living in our new house. Things are gradually taking a shape that doesn't resemble a cardboard box. The house is larger than our previous Tokyo-house but just as old. Figuring out where to put all our stuff is the biggest challenge. Because Japanese houses are small, everything has its place and when you change houses you have to find new places for everything. For some reason it is not as intuitive as Australian houses, where, for example, the laundry powder goes under the laundry sink (we have no laundry sink) and the groceries go in the pantry (we have no dedicated pantry). It is a challenge, but not an un-fun one.

The boys are having an absolute ball with all their 'old' toys. We've hardly seen them and only when necessary have pulled them away for food and water!

No time to write now...internet access at home is still five days away!


taylorcrowson said...

I was giving Tim an update on your move and his first response was "I hope this house is bigger than their last one!"

Happy to be keeping up with you!

Wendy said...

Certainly is Tim. Esp. living area. Think of our former 'dining room-kitchen' and double it. Much more room!