03 July, 2010

More farewells and a surprising coincidence

Today we had a Toowoomba farewell. I was born and grew up here. The supporters we have here are mostly my parents' generation and above, so it was a totally different age group to last Saturday's farewell. The other big difference was the temperature - it was cold (something like 12 degrees, minus some for wind-chill factor). We huddled indoors and drank hot drinks. It was a pleasant morning, but I wonder how many will still be in their earthly home when we return in 2-4 years time.

My big encouragement of the morning was an elderly lady who got herself all excited about us going back, about the opportunities that awaited, that we were "following God's call on our lives". She was so excited that I'm sure she would have hopped on the plane with us!

The saddest time was saying goodbye to my sisters and their children. Our 5 y.o. is particularly close to one of his cousins and our boys cried as we said goodbye. We told his cousin that he would have to write a letter and he cynically said, "Pwff, a letter wouldn't go that far." Providing some light relief!
My youngest sister also cried. It is tough for them as well as us.

Tomorrow morning we leave early to head back to Brisbane for a double-header (morning and evening services) of farewells at the church we attended before leaving for Japan back in 2000. We'll also move into the house we're house sitting at until we leave on the 12th. I don't anticipate it being a very fun day, though there is an interesting twist to the day. We have two brothers of the pastor visiting - they are also pastors. They'll be preaching at the services. It just so happens that one of the guys lives in the same town in South Africa (no less!!) as one of my writing critique partners. And the husband of my writing friend is a retired pastor who often fills in for this guy when he is on holidays! How's that for amazing connections?

So we continue to ride a roller-coaster of emotions. Lord willing it will be over soon.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Hang in there Wendy. God will get you through these days. Sorry it's been so hard for you.

Wendy said...

Do I make it sound hard? This is easy compared to the first and second times we did it. Maybe it was a good thing I wasn't writing a blog then...