06 July, 2010

Today in the airlock

1. Our car situation has been sorted out and thankfully it was simply a spark plug and ignition lead problem, nothing larger.
2. We're getting back to some sort of normality. I'm feeling less over-stimulated. For several days I've felt like everything inside me was vibrating - like after a long car/bus/train/ plane trip.
3. This morning we had a long anticipated get together with missionary friends (contemporaries). This really deserves its own post (the explanation is a bit lengthy), maybe later today.
4. We've received notice that we get all our bond back!!! YAY for all those helpers last Tuesday!
5. Not much emotional disturbance - at least not out of the ordinary (boys fighting etc.).In fact I feel a little numb.
6. The world continues on around us - various enormous sporting events, news etc. all happening, but somehow it feels like we are separate from it all, like we're floating in space...maybe it is time to go and have some lunch!

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