16 February, 2011

Finding balance in communication

Simone has written a good post here about the necessity of editing our sharing in response to my post about openness and authenticity.

I agree with her. We do not need to share everything we think - actually it is impossible to do that. We think at a rate of something like 150-300 words a minute - all day long. It is also wrong to share everything, how many proverbs are there that talk about wisdom in relation to holding your tongue?

I also think it is fairly easy to point out when people are oversharing. It is not so easy to point out when people are undersharing. When people, for whatever reason, are holding back from sharing things about their lives which would help others, encourage them. We're looking at two extremes and, like most things, God hasn't given us an easy line to judge what is too much or too little. It also varies for different personalities and situations. We need much wisdom to decide what is suitable for each situation, for each friendship for each topic. 

In my commitment to openness and authenticity in my relationships I need to be on my knees every day, confessing my errors and asking for wisdom for the next day. But I think all Christians need to be on our knees, asking God for wisdom in our relationships and conversations. Asking for guidance to know what to share and when, for sensitivity and discernment, but also for boldness.


Rachel said...

Amen to your "it varies with personality and situation" sentence! I don't think there's a right and wrong here. Sanctification is that ongoing process which should affect all we do and say. All our conversations and interactions happen in the midst of that process so we'll never strike the balance of perfect God-glorifying authenticity this side of eternity. But may we strive for it though - time spent on our knees, as you say, is always a wise investment. (Having said that, I suspect in eternity we'll be preoccupied with perfectly and authentically worshipping rather than conversing! Won't that be bliss.)

Wendy said...

So true Rachel.