13 February, 2011

I believe in openness and authenticity

I've just gone back and found blog posts where I've written about honesty, about open and authentic relationships and conversations. It's been a fun search. I found some great memories from Australia here and spoke forthrightly about my commitment to openness here. I found a post about the cost of not being open and this one about honesty in writing prayer letters.

I'm committed to openness, but it can cost. I'm suffering that now. Someone has taken it upon themselves to criticise my openness. That hurts deeply because it is something that is close to my heart. I believe being open and authentic is something God has called me to do. Actually I'd love to see all Christians committed to it. Pray with me that I won't be fearful and discouraged by this.

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Jimmy Young said...

One of my favorite quotes from a brilliant movie.

'People are always afraid of whats different' - Yul Brenner (Cool Runnings)

Being open is different. It's also awesome. If you feel its what God has called you to do, then do it! :D