19 January, 2011

Market myself and my ministry?

Marketing and mission? I guess that is what we do, even if we don't like to call it that.

This blog post starts with 
In an era when personal communication is ubiquitous and easy, each missionary has become their own marketing director.
Once I got past the title:  Marketing Yourself and Your Ministry, the article got better. It is a short, simple article about communicating with our prayer supporters, particularly written communication. 

I particularly liked this:
When we write our supporters and prayer partners, they want to hear our voice. They want honesty. They want to know we are real people. 
Aside from the American grammar (in Australia we "write to our supporters"), is it very true and something I've been trying to do for more than ten years.

What do you want to read in missionary prayer letters? What don't you like? Sometimes missionaries suffer from a lack of feedback and they get stuck in a rut and don't know what their "audience" wants or needs. So tell me (I'm not looking for pats on the back here).


Walking to China said...

That's American grammar, also! "We write to our supporters."

Wendy said...

So her grammar is just bad?