16 February, 2010

Hermit crab update

Our little hermit crabitat was just fine, especially for ultimate portability. In it Jaz, Jessica and Spikey have already travelled to Toowoomba, Springsure and the Sunshine Coast, in their short lives, with no problem at all. However, when I spied the unused aquarium at my parents (left over from a short-lived fish experiment as a child), I decided to snaffle it for the remainder of our home assignment. Mum and Dad were all too pleased to hand it over and we've had fun decorating it and watching them explore their much expanded home. Here is what their home looks like now: We were tickled to find them all climbing on the pine cones the other night. We'd read they like to climb, but their previous accommodation didn't allow us much room to provide 'climbing frames'. Does anyone have unusual pet stories to share with us?

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