02 February, 2010

Cultural shift within our family

It has just come home to me today, on the day my youngest started school, that our family has made a big cultural shift over the last nine months. And not the one you might think. Nine months ago we essentially had two under-school aged kids and one in primary school. Now we have all three in primary school. It makes a big difference. Now we have swimming lessons, basketball training and games and, it looks like, violin lessons. I have to keep track of three different schedules for sports uniforms, library days, tuckshop, school outings etc. A totally different schedule to a pre-school one. Now my day is dominated by "going to school" and "coming home from school". Everything else I want to do should, ideally, fit in between those two times. Oh, yes, I still have my evenings, at least some of them. Though they are gradually being shortened by our eldest as he heads towards late-night teenage-hood. Joy! Actually I have looked forward to them all being at school for some time now. It has been 10 1/2 years since I had this much child-free time. Now I just need to get that 9-2.30 time organised so that I have something to show for all that extra time.

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