04 February, 2010

Left-handers take note!

Being left-handed and an OT I am intrigued by this website and these pens:
There are their claims: The award winning Yoropen is a revolutionary ergonomic pen designed to make writing more natural and comfortable, especially for left-handers.
Yoropen’s offset portion prevents fingers from slipping down towards the pen tip; thus improving posture, saving energy and reducing writing strain. The tripod grip can be adjusted to one’s preferred writing position; left-handers simply twist to the left. It also creates a clear field of vision, prevents hooking and smudging of work. The unique design helps reduce writing strain and is ideal for everyone including; children, students, left-handers, dyspraxia and arthritis sufferers.
Pity they don't ship overseas. But then we do have our very own Lefty store here in Australia. You can even buy a left-handed watch (the opposite to usual, of course).

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Simply Lefty said...

Hi Wendy,

Yoropen is indeed one of our most popular item! We do ship overseas and I believe you visited the Singapore site which is for shipping in Singapore only. You can visit www.simplylefty.com for our international site; we ship to Australia too!

Simply Lefty team