27 February, 2010

So you're a writer?

One of the challenging things about doing creative things like writing, is that the proof is in the product. So to go around saying, "I like to write" or "I'm a writer" is welcoming questions like, "SO what do you write?" or "Where can I buy your book?" Well I haven't written a book, but slowly I'm managing to not only write stuff that is publishable, but getting it published. This year I've had two articles published already. I'm chuffed. Here's proof: I've also received an invitation to an in-house writer's workshop that our mission is running. It is being held in Hong Kong in late August. The timing is not so great for our family - the second week of their new school year in Tokyo. But the opportunity is rare and valuable. It is encouraging that not only have I received this invitation, but my supervisor and colleagues in Japan have encouraged me to go. Exciting!


KKCambLogos said...

Go Wendy. David & the boys will do just fine. I'm slowly learning that God's timing is always right, even if we don't think it's great.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Well done.

Thank you, also, for being so open about your struggles with mission life...it helps to know what we should pray for.

Wendy said...

God's already provided the childcare I was worried about - the school is doing full-time kindergarten as well as the half-days they've done in the past. Praise God!