01 March, 2010

But I couldn't do what you do...

Three times yesterday in conversation at church, different people said the equivalent of "You're amazing, I couldn't do what you do..."

My response to this kind of unhelpful admiration is to point out that God is the one who allows us to do what we do. He doesn't give everyone the gift of being able to lead worship, similarly he doesn't give everyone the ability to work for him overseas. So yes, you are possibly right to observe, "I couldn't do what you do..." but possibly not to observe "You're amazing..."

If you start thinking missionaries are amazing, then you forget to pray for them. For surely we are just as ordinary as any person. (And I'm hoping this blog goes some what to help prove that.)

If I start accepting such praise, then I'll have a (worse) pride problem and depend even more on myself instead of God.


KKCambLogos said...

Yes, yes, yes. None of us can do what He requires of us in our own strength. Fortunately He doesn't ask us too, and equally fortunately He gives us people who hold us before Him in prayer. Thanks for this reminder Wendy. I needed it.

Wendy said...

No worries, Karen. It didn't come from me anyway!