19 March, 2010

Path through the wobblies

The blog posts on this blog are imported onto my Facebook page and often more people comment over there than here. This blog post about my wobbly emotions, especially in regards to finding a house in Tokyo to live in produced some helpful discussion and prayer.

Here are the remarks:

BD: Praying for God's peace to guide you-He knows the right place and He'll show you at the right time.

PK: I've just prayed for you too for housing and all that surrounds a return to Japan. God has provided before and he will continue to do so - houses as well as peace and contentment.
W: Thanks, both of you. I have no doubt in God's provision, I do doubt my own ability to know which one is His provision, though! Lean on Him, Wendy.
Ros: Praying for you too Wendy - it must be hard to belong to two places and have no fixed address in either. Greatly encouraged that you are so real in admitting that you are emotionally wobbly - good on you - it helps us others who experience wobblies too - to be real. We all trust God yet in the tough doubt ourselves I think. Keep looking up to His Face and the earthly does keep better context. Blessings.
W: Isn't it great, Ros, that God could use my wobbles to encourage you! How amazing is that? Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!
Ros: Thinking of you on and off this morning and remember that Louie Giglio in a series about Knowing God's Will says that often we think there is only ONE right answer when God doesn't really care which house we choose since we are obeying Him in going to Japan. So maybe just HAVE FUN CHOOSING.

JH (fellow missionary): We're facing the same decisions but we won't be stuck as long as you I guess. I can never normally make a decision without seeing it first so it's a big step for you to make about your housing before you get there. Prayer is the best thing so I'll be praying for you!!!
Hope you get your "land legs" back.

What a blessing to had all these women praying for me, especially for wisdom and peace.

Not long after these comments were posted, David came back from his time away with his dad. As we looked at the CD of photos of the house and the house plan together, we began to feel like it all might work and that is might be okay. A few more things to settle yet, but certainly I've regained a lot of peace and my "land legs". Thank you for your prayers and advice.

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