07 March, 2010

Someone didn't want us to come?

I wrote yesterday morning about my lack of enthusiasm about what we had to do this weekend of deputation. I am a fairly conservative Christian and don't tend to say things like, "I think Satan did this or that." But I'm wondering if he really didn't want us to come up to this church this weekend.

This is why:
  • this church is involved already in diaspora ministry and only this last week sent back a Japanese student who was keenly interested in the gospel, having poured as much into her as they could manage before she had to return to Japan
  • I had three separate people talk to me about possibly going to Japan to serve
  • the church is in the process of setting up a missions committee and becoming proactive in the support of mission
These are just the things we found out about. What else God is doing in this lively congregation, we don't know. It seems likely to me that God may have used us to stir people's hearts for mission this weekend. It seems likely that the enemy wouldn't like such work. Praise God for the health and energy to push through and continue to serve.


JN said...

So glad you blogged about your hard emotions, so that we could see God's power even more clearly. What a beautiful picture of His strength in our weakness!

Janet said...

Thanks for the encouragement!