15 March, 2010

A website for left-handers to check out.

You read earlier that I've found a place to get free books, as long as I read them and post a review on my blog. Well, now I've won a promotion by  Simply Lefty  who will send me one of their writing products free, after I've "blogged my view on them" here. But I have actually already mentioned them in a previous post. Although I was wrong on one thing in that post, they do ship overseas - and they were very keen to tell me so.

As a left-handed Occupational Therapist interested in helping kids with handwriting, their products do interest me. They've even got a Singaporean website.

Never having tried any of their products it is a little hard to comment, but I am keen to see if their pens help me to write. Writing left-handed does have its challenges and I don't actually do it much any more, I'd rather type. But as I plan to go back to Japan at try to help children at CAJ with handwriting, I'm sure I'm going to come across some 'lefties'! If these products are helpful, then I can pass the link onto others.

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