04 March, 2010

My week - the interesting bits

As I showered this evening, I mentally reviewed my week. It hasn't been one full of appointments and meetings, for once, yet it is intriguing (at least it intrigued me) to see how I filled my days. Don't worry - I'll not bore you with the intricate details of toilet cleaning, meal preparation and so on, but just the interesting bits.

  • Usual school drop, groceries and gym followed by wrestled for a couple of hours with a newsletter that refused to cooperate.
  • Found out that Mum and Dad had made it out of South America and were headed back to our side of the Pacific. Praise God, had been feeling a little anxious.
  • Started the child-free part of our day with a meeting with my husband to talk about our upcoming weekend - a three-presentation Sunday plus a mission night on Saturday followed by a prayer meeting on Monday.
  • Then I began our monthly prayer/newsletter. Which, in the absence of children managed to complete (so I thought) before they came home. 
  • Also had an encouraging conversation with our youngest's teacher about missions and ordinary Christians. Wonderful to find other Christians out there who believe that every Christian should be interested in mission.
  • Loved it that it rained all day.
  • Completed the day with a long conversation with a friend about our joint plans to go camping (roughing it!) at Easter. Exciting plans.
  • Went to the gym. Marvelled at the changeable weather, which turned out to be a hallmark of the day. Sunny one minute, pouring rain the next.
  • Started the morning with the intention of sending our prayer/newsletter off straight away and starting on our quarterly kids newsletter. Then realised that I'd written the lead article on the same topic as something I wrote in January. Had to come up with a new idea. Managed to get it sent off before the end of the day.
  • Took a while before I got onto my kids letter. But I did get it finished, ready for the editor's eyes (my family) before the end of the day!
  •  Spent several hours talking with a retired missionary over coffee and our photo album. Sweet time!
  • On the way home, an hour past my usual lunch time and feeling shaky, splurged on an Aussie meat pie. Yummmmm!
  • A conversation about one of our children who's struggled, not academically, but behaviourally at school in the past. Realised that he's doing really well at present. Praising God and praying it'll continue through our transition back to Japan.
Now I'm planning to bludge in front of the TV. Conscious that our next few days are busy and full, I need to take some down time before we take the plunge.

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